Top 17 Best Disney Characters That Starts With U

Numerous characters in the Disney Characters That Starts With U. From the lovable and iconic Mickey Mouse to the more recent addition of Moana, there is a character for everyone commencing with U. Here is a list of our favorite Disney Characters That Starts With U.

Top 17 Best Disney Characters That Start With U:

Here is a list of 17 Disney Characters That Start with U below:

1. Uncle Art OF “Meet the Robinsons”

Uncle Art is a tall, spindly, gray-haired man. He is the eccentric inventor of the Robinson family, always dabbling in his workshop with bizarre contraptions. He is also absent-minded as a professor, forgetting where he placed his glasses. Uncle Art is a kind and caring man who is always there for his family despite his eccentricities. Also check Best 16 Disney Character Names Starting With V.

2. Uncle Waldo OF “The Aristocats”

Uncle Waldo is Marie’s tuxedo cat, who is orange and white and enjoys jazz. He is a gifted clarinetist who is frequently observed performing the instrument. Waldo is a pleasant and relaxed cat who is always up for a good time. Marie has a loving and supportive uncle who is always there for her when she needs him.

3. Url OF “Dinosaur”

Url is one of the primary protagonists in the Disney Characters That Start with U film Dinosaur, released in 2000. He is an Iguanodon in a colony of dinosaurs that must find a new home after a volcanic eruption destroys their island. Along the journey, he falls in love with Eema, a stunning dinosaur.

4. Ursula OF “The Little Mermaid”

Ursula is a sea sorceress who appears in The Little Mermaid by Walt Disney character dining. Pat Carroll voices her. Ursula is based on the “sorceress” character from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.”

To deceive Ariel, the little mermaid, into giving her the potent trident that is legitimately King Triton’s, Ursula takes on the appearance of a human woman in the film. Ursula employs Ariel to inflict vengeance on Triton, who exiled her to the depths of the sea.

Ursula is a complex character who is ultimately motivated by her suffering and insecurity despite her criminal actions. Finally, Ursula is thwarted by her hubris, allowing Ariel to reclaim the trident and save her father.

5. Uh-Oa of “The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management)”

Uh-Oa, the Tiki Goddess of Destruction, is a character who debuted in the Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management). Top Uh-Oa is summoned by persistent disdain for the Tiki Gods, coming with a vengeance.

The audio-animatronic Uh-Oa was constructed for the Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. While the interest had a poor reputation for quality, the audio-animatronic at Uh-Oa was reasonably well received.

Even though her animatronic functions are disabled, Uh-Oa is renowned in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Guests appreciate photographing her with her blacklight effect. Be sure to say welcome to Uh-Oa, the Tiki Goddess of Disaster, if you’re visiting Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

6. Uilleam of “Alice in Wonderland”

Uilleam is a character from the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. He has a minor role in the movie, appearing temporarily during the court scene of the Red Queen. It is unknown what happened to Uilleam after the Mad Hatter tells all of the people working for the Red Queen in a plan to fight against her for her betrayal.

Uilleam is one of the citizens of Underland who attempts to determine whether the White Rabbit has indeed found Alice. However, he is one of the characters captured in the commotion of the Red Queen’s forces’ attack. He only briefly appears at the court of the Red Queen afterward. It is unknown what happened to Uilleam after the Mad Hatter tells all of the people working for the Red Queen in a plan to fight against her for her deceit.

7. Ulf of “Tangled”

Ulf, a supporting character in Disney’s 2010 animated feature film Tangled, dreams of becoming a professional mimic. During the tune “I’ve Got a Dream,” Ulf is first seen at the Snuggly Duckling pub. Ulf later assists other prominent thugs in their mission to free Disney Characters, Starting with U Flynn Rider from prison so that he can rescue Rapunzel from the evil Mother Gothel. Ulf is last seen at the end of the film acting as a mime in front of the crowd (though everyone is bewildered by the act); Flynn comments that he presumes Ulf is happy because he never told him otherwise.

Ulf’s dream of coming to be a professional mime is admirable, and his love of the art is evident. Although he may not be the most talented mime, Ulf’s perseverance and commitment to his dream are commendable. It is evident that Ulf enjoys miming and has made significant efforts to learn the art. He is well on his way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional mime. Ulf has previously performed mime in front of a crowd, and despite their bewildered looks, he was happy. Ulf is a beautiful character and a talented mime.

8. Una of “Gargoyles”

Una is a minor character in Gargoyles by Disney character Breakfast. She is the leader of the London Clan and an Into the Mystic merchant. Una, who was born before the Bombing of London, grew up with her rookery siblings, Leo and Griff. While running a magic shop with Leo, she became the leader of her clan. Griff firmly believed in the Gargoyle method, which was to Protect. The Griff would ignore his family’s pleadings to remain at home and join the war effort, leaving them to worry about him.

Griff returned during the war accompanied by a gargoyle who introduced himself as Goliath. Una was disappointed that Goliath would not assist them in persuading Griff to abstain from the war. She compromised by asking Goliath to protect Griff.

Una and Leo were devastated when neither Goliath nor Griff returned from the war; they believed they had perished. Griff did not return until many years later when he informed them that Goliath had saved his life and that he had been living with the Manhattan Clan ever since.

9. Uncle Bob of “Goof Troop”

Goofy attempts to acquire the title “Major Goof” in the episode “Major Goof” by performing good deeds throughout the community. Uncle Bob, a retired Army officer, is one of the people he helps.

Peg’s uncle and P.J.’s great-uncle is Uncle Bob. as well as Pistol. He is kind and generous and always willing to lend a hand. He enjoys playing hoaxes on his nephew and great-nephews and is a bit of a jokester.

Uncle Bob is a beautiful addition to the Goof Troop, and he helps to remind us that, even though we may be retired, we can still contribute to our community by being active and helpful.

10. Uncle Bun of “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West”

In Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, Uncle Bun proudly owns a general store. He sometimes needs to be more mindful, but he dreams of moving to the big metropolis one day. Sheriff has always been a diligent worker and is thankful to have a place to sell his wares. He is also grateful to Sheriff Callie for maintaining harmony in the community.

Although he’s never been to the big metropolis, he’s eager to experience everything it offers after hearing about it. Sheriff is fascinated by the tall structures and busy streets. The people who live there intrigue him as well. He has heard that they are always rushing and searching for something novel.

In Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, Uncle Bun knows he can never abandon his store. It has been his home for many years, and he belongs there. However, he can’t help but imagine what it would be like to live in the city. Perhaps one day, he will travel there to find out.

11. Uncle Ernie of “Timon & Pumbaa”

Uncle Ernie is Pumbaa’s deceased uncle from the Timon & Pumbaa episode “Sense & Senegambia.” Frank Welker voices him. Ernie is remarkably similar to his nephew. What he appears besides being a warthog is still being determined when he is not in the clouds.

Uncle Ernie was always there for Pumbaa when he needed someone to speak to, as he was a kind and loving uncle. Pumbaa still feels near to him and profoundly misses him despite his absence.

Uncle Ernie was always up for a good time and enjoyed having fun and playing games with his nephew. He was an avid admirer of practical jokes and frequently played them on Pumbaa. Even though Uncle Ernie’s jokes often angered Pumbaa, he always knew that his uncle adored him and only attempted to make him laugh.

Uncle Ernie was a wonderful storyteller who frequently regaled Pumbaa with tales of his exploits. Pumbaa would always sit and listen intently, depending on his uncle’s every word. He admired Uncle Ernie and aspired to be like him as an adult.

12. Unemployment Lady of “An Extremely Goofy Movie”

The Unemployment Lady is a secondary character in the Disney Characters That Starts With U drawings direct-to-DVD comedy film An Extremely Goofy Movie, released in 2000. She is a counselor at the Unemployment Office who helps people find jobs. In the movie, when Goofy loses his career at the Beekins Toy Factory, he visits the Unemployment Office to find a new position. The Unemployment Lady examines Goofy’s documents and is shocked that he lacks a college education.

She tells Goofy that the office can only assist people in finding jobs with degrees and advises him to return to college to obtain one. Goofy believes he is too old for college, but the Unemployment Lady tells him it is always possible to learn something new. She sends him to the same college as Max so he can earn a degree and find a new job. The Unemployment Lady appears in Goofy’s flashbacks during the “Come On, Get Happy” sequence.

13. Unicorns of “Fantasia”

Since ancient Greece, unicorns have been a proud and noble race of creatures. As the purported embodiment of purity and innocence, they are frequently used as symbols of optimism. In recent years, due in part to the success of the Harry Potter franchise, they have been making a comeback in popular culture.

Unicorns are a species of horned equine creatures. In the 1940 film Fantasia, they are a part of the cast in the segment “The Pastoral Symphony.”

Along with other mythological creatures, unicorns inhabited Olympus bit. They resemble traditional depictions of unicorns in that they have hairy fetlocks, erupted antlers, a “lion” tail, and cloven hooves. They are only shown as white with pink manes or blue or pink with white hairs, unlike the Pegasi, who appear to exhibit more color variety. However, they all have golden crowns. They seem to get along well with the centaurs, to the extent that a centaurette volunteered to rescue a stranded unicorn during a storm.

14. Unkbuut of “Aladdin”

They find the Unkbuut’s lair and encounter the Unkbuut queen. Genie and the others should be placed in the royal chamber, she tells her subjects. The room is a vast web, and the four are entangled within it. Abu then uses his knife to cut the net, causing everyone to fall into a pit. The Queen tells her subjects to retrieve them. Aladdin then tells the Queen that he knows she is misunderstood and is not planning to eat them. The Queen then removes her disguise and reveals that she is a mortal. Nadira is a criminal; this is the nature of her profession.

The Unkbuut are enormous spiders commanded by a queen. They only eat insects and are harmless. They appeared in the “Web of Fear” episode. After an earthquake, Aladdin and his friends assist the residents of Agrabah in being rescued from the debris. During this Disney Characters That Starts With U, two spider-like creatures known as Unkbuut appear. Aladdin runs into a group of Unkbuut and passes out after saving the mother of a young child with Carpet’s assistance. When he wakes up, he tells everyone what he saw.

15. Unwin of “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”

The latest Disney Afternoon series is Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Fans are likely familiar with the character Unwin. Unwin is a yeoman at the court of King Gregor at Dunwyn Castle, serving under Sir Tuxford. He is depicted as a tyrant towards Cavin, the castle page boy. When he runs away in fear of the Ogres or during a trial where he must confront the Mysterious Knight, he is also shown to be cowardly. In contrast to Cavin, who is a Gummi Bears believer, Unwin is a renowned non-believer.

What does this signify for the character of Unwin? It appears in Disney Characters That Starts With U that he enjoys picking on others, but only when he is in a position of authority. He is also quick to flee when things become difficult. Lastly, despite being surrounded by them daily, he does not believe in Gummi Bears.

16. Urchin of “The Little Mermaid”

In the animated Disney Characters That Starts With U series The Little Mermaid, Urchin is a character who winds up being one of Ariel’s closest friends. He is an orphan who initially has few friends and resides alone. Later, Urchin encounters Ariel, and the two develop a close friendship. Urchin develops a crush on Ariel, but Ariel views him only as an intimate acquaintance. The show never reveals what happened to Urchin’s parents, but he expresses sadness when thinking about them.

Nobody is sure about what happened to Urchin’s parents. They might have passed away or abandoned him. It’s possible that they passed away because Urchin does show some sadness when thinking about them. The possibility exists that they left him. Urchin has found a new family in Ariel and her friends, regardless of what happened.

Even though Ariel is the one who introduces Urchin to her group of friends, Urchin is the one who helps Ariel see the world from a new perspective. Ariel is accustomed to living under the sea and is unfamiliar with the surface world. In contrast, Urchin is familiar with both cultures. He teaches Ariel the importance of family and helps her to comprehend the world above the surface.

Urchin is an endearing character who endures adversity and emerges ultimately stronger. He is a wonderful friend to Ariel and helps her to learn more about the surrounding world.

17. Ursa of “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”

Ursa is a fearless Gummi Bear who is always ready to protect her clan as the leader of the Barbics. She is a tall Gummi Bear with a more feminine build, which sets her apart from other Gummi Bears. Ursa is also quick-tempered and devoted to Barbic tradition, which can conflict with her son Buddy’s non-Barbic interests. She is always ready to fight for her clan and protect them from harm.

Ursa is a Gummi Bear character who appears in Gummi Bears: The Adventures. Ursa is the fiery female leader of the Barbics, an isolated, defensive, and war-absorbed clan of Gummi Bears who retain a deep mistrust and, at times, hatred for humans who once resided in Barbic Woods and who now eat in Ursalia. She is a statuesque warrior, one of the highest Gummies shown in this series, and has a more feminine build.

She is protective of Buddy but disapproves of his non-Barbic interests and urges him to demonstrate his Barbic toughness. Due to her fiery disposition and devotion to Gummi tradition, she has a similar personality to Gruffi. However, her focus is on Barbic practice rather than that of the ancient Gummies. Gritty is her trusted aide.

Ursa is a fearless Gummi Bear who is always ready to protect her clan as the leader of the Barbics. She is a tall Gummi Bear with a more feminine build, which sets her apart from other Gummi Bears. Ursa is also quick-tempered and devoted to Barbic tradition, which can conflict with her son Buddy’s non-Barbic interests. She is always ready to fight for her clan and protect them from harm, though.

The conclusion:

Many fantastic Disney Characters That Starts With U, such as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Uncle Scrooge from DuckTales, start with the letter U. Each of these characters contributes something unique to the table and helps make Disney what it is today.

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