Best 11 Disney Characters That Starts With T

Everyone is familiar with and enjoys Disney Characters That Starts With T. They are popular culture icons who have been around for decades. The letter “T” appears in the names of many of these characters. And well-known Disney characters whose names begin with the letter “T.”

Fans of Disney will enjoy learning more about these iconic characters. This list may also be helpful for individuals seeking a name for their new pet or child! Disney characters are timeless and will be appreciated by children and adults for many years.

Best 11 Disney Characters That Starts With T:

Look at below more than Disney Characters That Starts With T:

1. Mr. Toad (Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

Mr Toad is a charming, gentle, and caring toad who has a close relationship with his horse, Cyril Proudbottom. The Mr Toad enjoys being with his friends, but he can become infatuated with material possessions such as caravans, vehicles, and planes from time to time. Also check Best 16 Disney Character Names Starting With V.

2. Tae Young (Turning Red)

Tae is a member of the noticeable band 4*Town and an animal lover who nurtures injured doves in between tours. He is a little Korean-Canadian boy who is calm and good-natured. Tae has bleached white hair that shows his red roots. He wears silver earrings and has teal nails. Also check The 28 Best Disney Characters That Starts With K.

3. Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

Tadashi Hamada is a capable robotics student, Hiro Hamada’s older brother, and the developer of Baymax. His untimely death sets off everything, leading to the primary addictions in the film. Tadashi was everyone’s favorite, a very kind and hardworking student and a fantastic brother and friend who was always there for those in need.

4. Toby (The Great Mouse Detective)

Toby is a Basset Hound who lives above Basil and belongs to Sherlock Holmes. He assists Basil in solving his crimes and is perhaps his most devoted friend. He enjoys catching crooks and solving crimes, but he detests cats. Also, check Best 23 Disney Characters That Start With O.

5. Tod (The Fox and the Hound)

Tod is a fox who becomes best friends with Copper, a hound dog. The Tod is a little fox that likes to be mischievous. When he grows up, he stays loyal to his friends and will go to any length for the ones he adores.

6. Tala (Moana)

Moana’s grandmother, Gramma Tala, is recognized for her love of tales and folklore. She is the “village crazy lady,” self-sufficient, passionate, and eccentric. She has always been loyal to herself, teaching Moana to do the same by listening to her heart.

7. Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-It Ralph)

Taffyta is Vanellope’s main competitor and a strong racer from the game Sugar Rush. She races in a pink hard candy kart with a strawberry candy theme. She is a petite young lady with a large head, a little body, platinum blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.

8. Tamatoa (Moana)

Tamatoa is an evil massive crab who collects everything that shines, including treasures, and displays them atop his golden shell. He is not a likable character, but he does have several abilities that assist him in chasing away the undesired and acquiring what he likes, such as incredible strength, camouflage, and bioluminescence. With his strange sense of humor and delight in hurting people, he could be insane.

9. Tanana (Brother Bear)

Tanana is an Inuk human lady and a charwoman in her tribe. She has tan skin, dark eyes, long braided white hair, and red paint on the bridge of her nose. She is maternal, kind-hearted, connected to nature and her spiritual side, and highly wise.

10. Tony Rydinger (The Incredibles)

Tony, Violet Parr’s boyfriend, is a 14-year-old boy who works part-time at The Happy Platter. Despite his popularity at school, he has brown hair and brown eyes and is characterized as gentle, calm, friendly, and very approachable.

11. Tong (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Tong is a friendly giant, a severe and stern man who enjoys relaxing from time to time. He is tall and powerful, with dark brown hair on the sides of his head and a bald top. The Tong sports a beard and a mustache. He wears his Dragon Gem shard as a necklace with a patch over his left eye.


Discover beloved Disney characters whose names start with the letter T, from the charming Mr. Toad to the lovable Tod and many more iconic figures. Dive into the world of Disney classics and newer releases to explore these timeless characters that have captured the hearts of audiences young and old. Whether you’re a Disney fan or searching for inspiration, these T-named characters offer a delightful journey through Disney’s enchanting universe.

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