The Best 11 Disney Characters That Starts With Q

In the Disney universe, there are many kinds of beloved characters. From Quackerjack to the Queen from “Tangled Ever After,” there are characters that everyone knows and loves. But what about Disney Characters That Starts With Q?

In this article, we’ll look at some Disney characters whose names start with the letter Q. From the cute and cuddly to the brave, these characters will surely make you grin.

The Best 11 Disney Characters That Starts With Q:

So, without further ado, let’s examine some Disney Characters That Starts With Q.

1. Quackerjack of “Darkwing Duck”

Quackerjack is a Disney-created cartoon character from the Darkwing Duck animated television series. He is an anthropomorphic duck, a technology and toy expert who uses them to perpetrate crimes. Additionally, the male Disney characters list was a member of the Fearsome Five. Quackerjack is one of the most prominent villains in the Darkwing Duck series, and he is famous for his catchphrase, “And now, my next trick!” He is also known for his maniacal, high-pitched cackling.

While Quackerjack is not the most intelligent of inhibitors, his creativity, and resourcefulness more than make up for his lack of intelligence; he is never afraid to experiment with new gadgets and gizmos that he uses in his criminal activities. This frequently leads him into trouble, as his inventions often fail.

Despite his criminal proclivities, Quackerjack is a friendly, outgoing person. He is always eager to make new friends and is frequently seen conversing and joking with Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack. Additionally, he has a soft place for children, as he is commonly observed playing with them or giving them gifts. Overall, Quackerjack is a fun-loving, if somewhat misguided, lawbreaker who is always up for a good time. Also check Top 17 Best Disney Characters That Starts With U

2. Quasimodo of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

In This Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the hunchback bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral. Tom Hulce voices him. Quasimodo, born with a deformed spine, was abandoned by his mother as an infant and sold to the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, Claude Frollo. Despite the disapproval of the other Parisians, who considered Quasimodo a monster, Frollo took pity on the infant and raised him as his own. As Quasimodo grew older, he strongly connected with the cathedral’s gargoyles, especially Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. He also befriended Esmeralda, a gypsy girl whom Frollo disapproved of.

Frollo came to view Quasimodo as more of a monster than a son, and when he discovered that Esmeralda was in love with Captain Phoebus, he had Quasimodo abduct her. Quasimodo, however, had a change of heart and prevented Esmeralda from being burnt at the stake. Quasimodo was ultimately accepted by the people of Paris and found happiness among his friends.

3. Queen of “Tangled Ever After”

The Queen is a supporting character in the 2012 Disney animated film Tangled Ever After. She is both Rapunzel’s mother and the King’s wife. The Queen is shown to be a kind and loving mother, but female Disney characters are also somewhat overprotective of her daughter. The Queen becomes paranoid after Rapunzel is abducted as an infant, and she never allows her daughter out of her sight. At sixteen, Rapunzel is eventually permitted to leave the castle and explore the kingdom.

The Queen is a wise and just ruler, but she can sometimes be a touch stubborn. She is not afraid to stand up for herself when she disagrees with her husband. The Queen is a strong, independent woman with a softer side. She loves her family dearly and desires nothing more than for them to be happy.

4. Queen Clarion of “Disney Fairies”

Queen Clarion is the leader of the Never Fairies and the ruler of Pixie Hollow. She has golden hair and blue eyes, making her a stunning faerie. She always watches out for the welfare of her subjects and is kind and wise. Queen Clarion is a strong fairy, and her magic is highly potent. She is also a successful fighter, always ready to defend Pixie Hollow against any threat.

5. Queen Grimhilde of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first animated feature film. Queen Grimhilde was the primary antagonist. She was the vain and evil stepmother of Snow White, who was consumed with envy when her Magic Mirror informed her that Snow White was now “the fairest of all.” Queen Grimhilde made multiple attempts to murder Snow White, but she was ultimately stopped by the Seven Dwarfs and crushed to death by a boulder.

6. Queen Leah of “Sleeping Beauty”

Queen Leah is the Queen of the Moors and Princess Aurora’s mother. She is a kind and loving mother who desires only the best for her daughter. Queen Leah is also a potent sorceress who can assist Aurora in need.

7. Queen Miranda of “Sofia the First”

Queen Miranda is Sofia’s loving and supportive mother in the Disney Junior character animated series “Sofia the First.” She is a wise and kind ruler of Enchancia who is constantly concerned for her daughter and kingdom. Queen Miranda is a devoted mother to Sofia, James, and Amber and a loving wife to King Roland. She is a fair and just ruler who always places her people first. Queen Miranda is a strong and mighty woman who is always ready to fight for what is right.

8. Queen Mousetoria of “The Great Mouse Detective”

In the animated series film The Great Mouse Detective, Queen Mousetoria is the Queen of the mice and the wife of King Ratigan. Barbara Mitchell voiced her. A kind and compassionate Queen who loves her husband and subjects is Queen Mousetoria. She is also a courageous queen, unafraid to stand up to Ratigan when he acts maliciously. Queen Mousetoria is an excellent role model for all mice, and everyone who knows her adores her.

9. Queen Narissa of “Enchanted”

The evil Queen in the Disney film Enchanted is Queen Narissa. Queen Enchanted is a beautiful and potent woman who is determined to retain her throne and will do anything. She is vain, vicious, and self-centered, and she will do anything to obtain what she desires. She is also an accomplished sorceress who can metamorphose into a dragon. Queen Narissa is a formidable and hazardous adversary who should not be underestimated.

10. The Queen of Hearts of “Alice in Wonderland”

The Queen of Hearts is the despotic ruler of Wonderland and is obsessed with executing those she considers guilty. She is frequently portrayed as a woman with a short temper and an irrational disposition who is quick to sentence people to death. However, she also has a gentler side, occasionally shown when she cares for her subjects and demonstrates concern for their well-being.

11. Q.T. of “Dumbo’s Circus”

Q.T. is one of the primary characters in the Disney television series Dumbo’s Circus, which ran from 1985 to 1987. Ron Gans voiced him. Q.T. is a dimwitted but affable orangutan who serves as the resident strongman & calliope player (in earlier episodes, accompanied by a miniature pink creature when playing the calliope). In addition to having other skills, such as kite-making, he is easy to make friends with. Occasionally, he is unaware of his fortitude, which leads to misfortunes.

Q.T. entered the circus after Lilli did so. Q.T. is one of the few characters who consider Sebastian a friend; the other is Matilda, the younger sister of Fair Dinkum.

The Q.T. is an endearing individual who is always quick to make friends. His kind disposition and a good sense of humor endear him to everyone he encounters. Despite being the most vital circus member, Q.T. is frequently clumsy, and his good intentions often lead to blunders. However, his friends and circus family quickly forgive and assist him.

The easygoing nature of Q.T. is a welcome departure from the other circus characters. Sebastian is frequently irritable and rarely gregarious, whereas Fair Dinkum constantly strives to surpass everyone else. Q.T. provides the group with a much-needed sense of joy and friendship.

Look no further than Q.T. from Dumbo’s Circus to add an endearing, friendly character to your child’s favorite television show. Q.T. will become a rapid favorite due to his pleasant disposition and fun-loving demeanor.


Many fantastic Disney Characters That Starts With Q. We have compiled a list of our favorites for consideration. There is a Disney character for everyone commencing with Q, from the lovable and huggable Winnie the Pooh to the courageous and daring Pocahontas. Check out our list and let us know which ones are your favorites.

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