The Best 16 Disney Characters That Starts With P

If you’re a Disney lover, you know there are a lot of excellent Disney Characters That Starts With P. This post will look at some of the best Disney characters that begin with this letter. There are plenty of beautiful characters to pick from, ranging from Mickey Mouse to Pocahontas. Look at some of the best Disney characters who start with the letter P. Disney Characters That Starts With P.

Top Famous Characters:

  • Pocahontas is one of the most well-known Disney characters. She is a brave and also an excellent role model for young females.
  • Percy is a small blue train who appears in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Percy is a highly loyal and hardworking engine. He’s also a troublemaker, which frequently puts him in trouble.
  • Pluto is Mickey’s loyal companion dog. Pluto is a cheerful, fun-loving canine who loves to go on adventures with his best friend, Mickey.
  • Piglet is a small pink pig, one of Winnie the Pooh’s closest friends. Piglet is a shy figure who is, however, extremely brave. Even when scared, he’s always there to help his friends.

The Best 16 Disney Characters That Starts With P:

The list is constantly being revised with new movie releases, so keep checking back for more!

1. Peter from “Alice Solves the Puzzle”

Pete is an anthropomorphic cat who first appears in the animated short “Alice Solves the Puzzle.” He owns a puzzle shop, and Jim Cummings voices him.

Pete appears harrowing and terrifying, yet he is a softie at heart. He is highly patient with Alice as she attempts to solve the puzzle at his business, even giving her a suggestion when she becomes stuck. Ultimately, he is pleased with her for resolving the problem. Also check Disney Characters That Start With O.

2. Pete McGee from the film “The Ghost and Molly McGee.”

The primary character in the animated film “The Ghost and Molly McGee” is Pete McGee. He is a ghost attempting to return to the human realm. He meets Molly McGee, a human girl who can see ghosts, and the two of them work together to find a means to return Pete to the human world. Also check Top 20 Best Disney Characters that Start with A.

3. Pete Junior from the “Goof Troop”

Pete Junior is the son of Pete, the film’s central antagonist. Like his father, he is a troublemaker, constantly getting into mischief. He can also be seen as a bully, preying on Max, the protagonist’s son. However, he has a soft place for his father and is ready to protect him.

4. Peter Pan from the film “Peter Pan”

The primary character in the 1953 animated film Peter Pan is Peter Pan. He is a young boy who never grows up and lives in Neverland. Peter Pan can fly because of his magical friend Tinker Bell and frequently joins the Lost Boys on adventures. He is also an enemy of Captain Hook, who is constantly attempting to catch him.

5. The Platypus Perry from “Phineas and Ferb”

Perry the Platypus is Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher’s loyal pet and crime-fighting partner. Perry, an O.W.C.A. (Organisation Without a Cool Acronym) platypus, is on a quest to stop Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s wicked ambitions.

Perry, despite being a platypus, is a very done secret agent. He has a variety of devices and gizmos that he utilizes to combat Doofenshmirtz. Perry is also a master of disguise, and he is frequently seen taking on multiple identities to complete his objectives.

Perry is a professional and diligent agent but has a playful side. He adores playing with Phineas and Ferb and frequently joins them in their varied exploits and pranks. Perry is a daring and brave platypus who is always ready to save the day. He is a loyal friend and an indispensable member of the O.W.C.A.

6. The Peter Pan from “Return to Never Land”

Wendy, a Disney character, is one of the key characters in the film “Return to Never Land.” She is a young girl kidnapped by the villainous Captain Hook and his pirate crew. Wendy is eventually rescued by the Lost Boys and her brother, John. Wendy then assists John and the Lost Boys in their victory over Captain Hook and his pirates.

7. The character Peter Pig from “The Wise Little Hen.”

In Disney’s 1934 film The Wise Little Hen, Peter Pig is a supporting character. He is a pig who lives next door to the hen. When the hen requests that he and his friend, Donald Duck, assist her in planting and harvesting corn, they both decline and create excuses. When the hen’s corn is ready to harvest, though, they both want a part. The hen then dupes them into doing all the work while she sleeps. The two pigs are tired towards the end, while the hen and her brood enjoy the corn.

8. Phantom Blot from “DuckTales”

The Phantom Blot is a Disney villain who looks like a duck and is the main enemy in the animated film DuckTales. Phantom is known for his dark and clandestine behavior and is a master at disguise. He is always planning something sinister and one step ahead of his adversaries. He is a potent antagonist, but he is no match for the astute and resourceful ducks who always seem to thwart his schemes.

9. Philoctetes from the Greek tragedy “Hercules”

Philoctetes is a character from the Disney animated film Hercules, released in 1997. He is Hercules’ satyr buddy, and Danny DeVito voices him. When Hercules is initially brought to Mount Olympus by Zeus, Philoctetes is first seen. Philoctetes is tasked with mentoring Hercules and teaching him about the gods. On the other hand, Hercules is more interested in learning about humans and frequently disregards Philoctetes’ lectures.

Philoctetes accompanies Hercules to Zeus’ Temple one day, where they encounter Zeus’ daughter, Athena. Best Hercules piques Athena’s interest, and she asks him to tell her about humans. Hercules accepts gladly and tells her about his life on Earth.

The Hercules’ tales impress Athena so much that she decides to visit Earth herself. She disguised herself as a human and traveled to Thebes, Hercules’ hometown. She met Hercules’ friend Icarus there. They became fast friends, and Athena quickly fell in love with Icarus. When Zeus summoned her, she had to return to Mount Olympus.

Athena gave Icarus a lock of her hair as a mark of her love before she left. When Hercules learns that Athena is in love with Icarus, he is devastated. He feels even more unhappy when he knows that Icarus has been killed.

Philoctetes takes Hercules to the Underworld, where they meet Hades to cheer him up. Hercules impresses Hades and offers him a bargain: if he can rescue his helmet from the River Styx, Hades will give him anything he desires.

Hercules accepts and retrieves the helmet successfully. When he returns to the Underworld, he asks Hades to bring Icarus back to life. Icarus is resurrected after Hades agrees. Hercules is pleased to see his friend alive, and the two return to Thebes.

10. Philippe from “Beauty and the Beast”

Philippe is an animated horse who first appears. He is Maurice, Belle’s father’s horse. Philippe is a highly loyal horse who is always willing to assist Maurice and Belle when required. He is a brave horse who isn’t afraid to stand up to the Beast when necessary.

Philippe is a very empathetic horse that is always ready to provide a helping hoof. He is a great friend who is always available to Belle and Maurice when they require him.

11. Phineas Flynn from the animated series “Phineas and Ferb.”

The primary character in the animated film “Phineas and Ferb” is Phineas Flynn. He is a young child who is always looking for new and exciting activities for membership in. He is also incredibly brilliant and resourceful, capable of devising innovative solutions to challenges.

12. Philip Wittebane, author of “The Owl House”

Philip Wittebane is a young child who lives in the Owl House, an ancient abandoned house where a family of owls lives. He is a loner, preferring to spend time reading or exploring the place. He is also a scaredy-cat, and the house’s owls frequently frighten him.

13. Pico from the film “Encanto”

Pico is a young boy who lives in Encanto’s magical realm. He is a kind, brave young man who is always concerned about others. He is also a trickster, but he always means well. Pico is a wonderful friend who always values others. He is always ready to assist and maintains a pleasant attitude.

14. Piglet, from the book “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.”

Piglet is a small, shy creature who is always ready to assist his friends, even though he occasionally feels scared. He is best friends with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and frequently seeks their advice and support. Piglet is also extremely loyal and always wants what is best for his friends.

15. Pinocchio from the animated film “Pinocchio”

Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who aspires to be a real boy. Geppetto, the woodcarver, created him, and the Blue Fairy brought him to life. He gets into a lot of mischief, but in the end, he learns the value of honesty and grows into an actual kid.

16. Piniet of “The Owl House”

Piniet is a tiny blue-green owl-like creature who appears as one of the primary characters in the animated film “The Owl House.” She is timid and frequently hides behind her friend Luz’s leg. Also highly curious, Piniet loves to try new things.


How many Disney characters start with the letter P?

This list includes 16 famous Disney Characters That Starts With P and significant and minor characters from the Disney and Pixar animated canon.

Which of these Disney characters starts with the letter P?

Many well-known classic characters, such as Peter Pan, Piglet, Pinocchio, Pluto, and Pocahontas, start with the letter P. Penny and Pearl are the most popular Disney characters whose names begin with P.

Fun Facts About the Letter P

There is one Disney Princess (Pocahontas), three Disney Princes (Phillip, The Prince, and Prince Charming), and three Disney Villains (Pain, Panic, and Pegleg Pete) on this list.

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