The 28 Best Disney Characters That Starts With K

The Best Disney Characters That Starts With K genuinely capture our hearts and minds. Even though they are Disney villains who start with a K, they are charming. These are some of the finest Disney characters of all time, from Kronk to Kaa. Use this list to find the names of obscure characters you like or to discover new Disney Characters That start with K in recently released films. Their names must start with the letter K to be on this list, which goes without saying. But which Disney character deserves to be first? With your votes, you can influence the outcome.

The 28 Best Disney Characters That Starts With K:

Vote up your favorite Disney Characters That Starts With K and down any you don’t like on this list. When Disney adds more characters to their pantheon, check back as more Disney Characters That Starts With K are added to the list.

1. Kala of “Tarzan”

Kala is Tarzan’s mother and the mate of Kerchak, the ape lord. She is a caring and protective mother, yet she can also be a ruthless warrior when necessary. Kala is a bold and strong character who is always ready to battle for her family. Also, check Best 23 Disney Characters That Start With O

2. Kanga of “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree”

Kanga is a sweet and caring figure who is always concerned about her kid, Roo. She is always available to her friends and prepared to assist them. Kanga is a devoted friend who always has your back. Also check Top 10 Best Disney Characters That Start with B

3. Kat of “The Ghost and Molly McGee”

Kat appears in the animated feature “The Ghost and Molly McGee” as one of the main characters. She’s a black cat who befriends Molly McGee, a little girl who can sense ghosts. They work together to help spirits pass over to the other side. Kat is a spunky, independent cat who isn’t uneasy about saying what she thinks. She is also highly loyal to her pals and always has their back. Also, check Best 15 Disney Characters That Start With W

4. Kaa of “The Jungle Book”

Kaa is a vast and powerful python from the jungle. She is one of the film’s key antagonists and one of the few talking animals. Kaa is devious and manipulative, frequently using her hypnotic talents to trick others into doing what she wants.

5. Kata of “Brother Bear 2”

Kata is a Native American character in the Brother Bear 2 animated film. She is a young woman madly in love with the main character, Kenai. Kata is a friendly and compassionate individual who is always willing to help Kenai when needed. She is also an excellent cook and frequently prepares meals for Kenai and his friends.

6. Katrina Van Tassel of “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”

Katrina is the lovely daughter of Baltus Van Tassel and Ichabod Crane’s love interest in Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. This Katrina is a tomboy who prefers horseback riding and other outdoor activities over being a perfect lady. She is, nevertheless, kind, helpful, and brave, and she is always eager to speak up for her pals. Ichabod is a fantastic match for Katrina, and the two eventually fall in love and marry. Also, check Best 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y.

7. Katya of “The Owl House”

Katya is the main character of the Disney Characters That Starts With K animated series The Owl House and a young witch-in-training. She is positive, determined, fearless, and always willing to assist others in need. Even though she is still learning, she is constantly eager to attempt new things and is never scared to fail.

8. Kekata the Medicine man of “Pocahontas”

Kekata is the Powhatan tribe’s medicine man and a close friend of Pocahontas. He is wise and understanding and always available to advise and assist Pocahontas. Kekata is a great shaman with an unparalleled knowledge of the natural world. He is a lovely and kind soul who is always willing to provide a helping hand. Also, check Best 16 Disney Character Names Starting With V.

9. Kelly of “Star vs. the Forces of Evil”

Kelly is one of Star Butterfly’s closest companions. This Kelly is a tall, slim young lady with long black hair. She is a tomboy who is always up for an adventure. She is also a troublemaker who is always up to no good.

10. Kenai of “Brother Bear”

The protagonist of the film “Brother Bear” is Kenai, a young Native American kid. Joaquin Phoenix plays him. Kenai is brave and determined but also rash and impulsive. He is devoted to his tribe and family and eager to battle for what he believes in. After turning into a bear, Kenai embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, learning to appreciate nature and the circle of life. He also learns to forgive people who wronged him and let go of his anger and resentment. Kenai ultimately finds inner peace and acceptance.

11. Kendall Perkins of “Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil”

Kendall Perkins is a vibrant young woman who enjoys extreme activities. She is Kick Buttowski’s best friend and is always up for a new adventure. Kendall is a daring daredevil who is constantly willing to try new things. She is a natural athlete who is continually pushing herself to the maximum. Kendall is also a devoted friend who always has Kick’s back.

12. Kerchak of “Tarzan”

Kerchak is the ape commander in Tarzan, an animated film. He is a harsh and powerful boss who will not allow any sign of weakness. Kerchak is also fiercely protective of his family and will go to any length to protect them. He is not without flaws, however, and is prone to rage.

13. The Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins of “The Owl House”

The Keeper of the Looking Glass Ruins appears in the animated film “The Owl House” as a minor character. He is a little blue monster who keeps the Looking Glass Ruins safe. He is severe and does not let anyone without approval enter the ruins.

14. Kermit the Frog of “Muppet Babies”

Kermit the Frog is a well-known character from the animated film Muppet Babies. He is a polite and loving frog who always looks out for his companions. Kermit is always willing to lend a helpful hand and a shoulder to cry on. He is a faithful buddy who is always there for his family.

15. Kiki of “Big City Greens”

Kiki is a young girl who appears to be the only one in her family who isn’t looking forwards to going to the big city. She’s still determining what she’ll do there but is determined to make the best of the situation. Kiki is a pleasant, inquisitive young lady who is always up for adventure. She rapidly makes friends with the other youngsters in her new neighborhood and is always willing to assist others. Kiki is an animal lover who enjoys learning about them. She’s also a tomboy who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

16. Kikimora of “The Owl House”

Kikimora appears in the animated film The Owl House. She is a little brown-furred animal with large ears and a lengthy tail. Kikimora is bashful and prefers to remain in the shadows. She is extremely curious and enjoys exploring her surroundings when she comes out.

17. Kim Possible of “Kim Possible”

Kim Possible is a confident and self-assured young woman who is not scared to face new challenges. She is a natural leader who constantly prioritizes her team. Kim is also a superb thinker who appears to be one step ahead of her adversaries. Her optimistic attitude and determination inspire everyone around her.

18. The King of “Cinderella”

Cinderella’s father and Prince Charming’s stepfather is the King. He is a gentle and caring man who adores his daughter. He is, however, a little naive and readily swayed by his wife, the wicked Stepmother. Finally, he sees the truth about the Stepmother and Prince Charming and assists Cinderella in finding her happy ending.

19. King Aldrich Leviathan of “Amphibia”

The King of the Amphibians in the animated film “Amphibia” is King Aldrich Leviathan. He is a giant creature with green skin, a lengthy tail, and a crown on his head. Kevin Michael Richardson provides his voice.

20. King Andrias Leviathan of “Amphibia”

King Andrias Leviathan, the father of Princess Anne, rules the Amphibian Kingdom. He is a vast, green humanoid frog with a blue cape and crown. In the animated film Amphibia, he is voiced by John DiMaggio.

King Andrias is a gentle, intelligent ruler who adores his daughter and realm. He is strict about rules and etiquette but also fair and just. He is an excellent leader who is always concerned with the welfare of his people.

21. The King of Hearts of “Alice in Wonderland”

The King of Hearts rules Wonderland and is known for his quick temper and penchant for executions. He is also well-known for his marriage to the Queen of Hearts, who is frequently seen by his side.

22. King Candy/Turbo of “Wreck-It Ralph”

King Candy, sometimes known as Turbo, is the primary antagonist in Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s 52nd animated feature film. He is the tyrant monarch of the Sugar Rush racing game and has called himself “King Candy” in it.

King Candy is feared and admired by the other racers as a skilled manipulator and user of candy-based weaponry. He is also a master of deception, duping Ralph into believing he was a good guy. His true character, however, is finally revealed, and Ralph defeats him.

23. King of “The Owl House”

King is a teen who appears in the animated film The Owl House as one of the main characters. He attends Hexside’s magical school and is friends with the film’s protagonist, Luz Noceda. King is a rebel who constantly seeks new ways to challenge himself and have fun. He is also an accomplished guitarist who is frequently spotted strumming his guitar.

24. King Eiddileg of “The Black Cauldron”

In the animated film The Black Cauldron, King Eiddileg rules over the Kingdom of Prydain. Eiddileg is regarded as a wise and just monarch by his subjects. He is, nevertheless, a just and sympathetic monarch who listens to his subjects’ worries. He is also a daring and brave leader who is not scared to confront evil.

25. King’s father of “The Owl House”

King’s father plays a brief role in the animated film The Owl House. He is the King’s father and the Queen’s husband. King’s father is a generous and empathetic man who is always available to his family. He is an excellent leader who prioritizes his family.

26. King Hubert of “Sleeping Beauty”

The widowed King of a small kingdom is King Hubert. He is a gentle and intelligent ruler adored by his citizens. Hubert is also a devoted father to his only child, Aurora. When the villain Maleficent curses Aurora, Hubert tries all in his power to defend his daughter and break the curse. Hubert is ultimately successful in overcoming Maleficent and saving Aurora. He is a courageous and noble king who deserves his title.

27. King Kashekim Nedakh of “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”

In the animated film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” King Kashekim Nedakh is the father of Princess Kida and the monarch of Atlantis. King Kashekim Nedakh is a wise and just ruler devoted to his daughter. He is a great sorcerer who can manipulate the elements. He is also a skilled warrior who can defeat his opponents in combat.

28. King Leonidas of “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”

During the 5th century BC, King Leonidas was the sovereign ruler of the Greek city-state of Sparta. At the Battle of Thermopylae, he led the Spartan army against the overwhelming Persian army. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, the Spartans defended the pass for three days until being betrayed and defeated.

King Leonidas Leonidas and his 300 warriors were killed, but their bravery spurred the Greeks to launch a major counterattack, driving the Persians out of Greece. Leonidas is regarded as one of history’s most outstanding military leaders.

Final Words:

Explore the captivating world of Disney’s finest characters that all share a name beginning with the letter K. From the cunning Kaa to the noble King Leonidas, these beloved Disney Characters That Starts With K, both heroes and villains, will surely steal your heart. Please cast your vote to influence the rankings and watch for new K-named Disney characters as they join the list.

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