Best 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y

There are quite a few Disney Characters That Start with Y whose names begin with the letter Y, but only some people know this fact. You may be shocked that this list contains some of your best Disney film and television characters. There are numerous Disney characters, ranging from classics like Yen Sid from Fantasia to more contemporary characters like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. Just a few of our choices are listed below.

  • Yen Sid is a classic Disney character who first appeared in the 1940 film Fantasia. He is a sorcerer who functions as Mickey Mouse’s mentor. Yen Sid is a wise and powerful character who is always willing to assist Mickey in his time of need.
  • Yzma is the main antagonist in The Emperor’s New Groove. She is an ambitious woman who will do anything to achieve her goals. Yzma is a ferocious and deadly character who constantly challenges our heroes to defeat.

Best 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y:

Here is a list of 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y whose names begin with the letter y, as well as their movie/T.V. shows/television series:

1. Yao of “Mulan”

Yao is one of the central characters in the animated film Mulan. He is a Chinese army soldier and Mulan’s love interest. He is brave and is always there to assist Mulan in her time of need. Also check Best 23 Disney Characters That Start With O.

2. Yar of “Dinosaur”

Yar is a character from the animated film “Dinosaur.” He is a small, swift creature who assists Aladar, the primary character, and his companions in escaping a pack of predators. Best Yar is brave and resourceful and always willing to help in need.

3. Yax of “Zootopia”

Yax is a small, timid yak who is one of the primary characters in Disney’s 2016 animated film Zootopia. His shy nature frequently leads him into trouble, even though he is a gentle giant eager to please. Despite this, Yax is a trustworthy friend who always has decent intentions.

4. Yen Sid of “Fantasia”

Yen Sid is a powerful sorcerer who resides in a forest tower. He is a wise and kind instructor who accepts Mickey Mouse as his pupil. Yen Sid is a just and fair leader who always seeks his people’s best interests. He can defeat the evil sorcerer Chernabog, as he is a powerful magic user.

Yen Sid is a character who appeared for the first time in the 1940 animated film Fantasia. In the segment The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, he is a powerful sorcerer who instructs Mickey Mouse in the arts of witchcraft and sorcery.

5. Yzma of “The Emperor’s New Groove”

The main antagonist in the 2000 animated film The Emperor’s New Groove is Yzma. Her voice actor is Eartha Kitt.

Yzma, the advisor to the emperor, a female Disney character that starts with i, is fascinated with power and control. When the emperor decides to abandon her, she plans to murder him and seize control of the empire. She is ultimately transformed into a cat by the emperor’s new friend, Pacha.

6. Yaarp of “Leroy & Stitch”

Yaarp, also known as Experiment 613, is a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise and an illegal genetic experiment devised by Jumba Jookiba. He is designed to generate destructive sonic explosions that can shatter windows, destroy structures, and cause severe hearing loss. Fortunately, he can also transform these sounds into quiet, gentle honks. His one actual position is as an alien invasion alarm and buzzer at Lilo’s hula school.

Yaarp is quite friendly despite his destructive nature, but he reacts swiftly and dramatically to how others treat him. For instance, he will release loud sonic blasts if he feels intimidated or provoked. As a sign of affection and companionship, he will emit small, gentle honks if he feels secure or unthreatened.

The majority of Yaarp are relatively relaxed and laid-back. However, he is very cautious and open-minded; male Disney characters are loyal to those who earn their trust. He is also a bit jumpy and nervous, often blowing his horn at inappropriate moments after being startled by something trivial.
Despite his destructive capabilities, Yaarp is a kind and compassionate creature. Even though he can be a bit apprehensive and jumpy at times, he is loyal to those he trusts and is always willing to lend a hand. He genuinely belongs at Lilo’s hula school, where he can assist in safeguarding the students from any potential danger.

7. Yacalli of “Elena of Avalor”

The Yacalli is a character who appears in the episode “Prince Too Charming” of Elena of Avalor. He is the protector of the burritos and cute Disney Characters That Start with Y in their dwellings, a position to which he is utterly devoted. Additionally, as noted by Elena, he is surprisingly courteous.

He first appears when Prince Alonso’s men are digging in his domain. He asks them to depart politely, but they refuse, so he destroys the excavation site. One leaves and returns with Prince Alonso, astonished because he believes the Yacalli to be a myth, and Princess Elena of Avalor. Once more, the Yacalli instructs them to depart. Elena is prepared to leave, but Alonso refuses, telling the Yacalli that no one tells him what to do and instead destroys a buhito’s dwelling.

This causes the Yacalli to declare his intention to demolish Cordoba Castle. With the assistance of the Buhitos, he swiftly arrives at his destination and launches an attack. Suddenly, Elena runs to him and pledges to rebuild the buhitos’ homes. As soon as the Buhitos’ dwellings have been reconstructed, the Yacalli resumes his slumber.

8. Yama of “Big Hero 6”

In Disney’s 2014 animated film, “Big Hero 6,” we encounter Yama, a character who takes on the role of a minor antagonist. Within the vibrant cityscape of San Fransokyo, he has garnered quite a reputation as one of its most notorious wrongdoers. What sets Yama apart is his involvement in the illicit world of robot battles, taking inspiration from the formidable sumo wrestlers. Additionally, he bears the distinct title of being Hiro Hamada’s sworn nemesis.

Yama operates as a local crime lord, firmly established in the heart of San Fransokyo. His rap sheet includes a litany of unlawful activities: orchestrating underground robot skirmishes, engaging in theft, running clandestine money lending schemes, and even being linked to acts as grave as murder. Yama’s commanding presence, marked by his gruff demeanor and imposing physique, has etched his name among the city’s most feared figures, cementing his place within the enigmatic realm of San Fransokyo’s underworld. He orchestrates his operations from the shadowy confines of “Good Luck Alley,” a district tightly secured by a legion of loyal subordinates under his command.

Yama’s primary pursuit, for amusement and financial gain, revolves around the clandestine world of illegal robot battles concealed in the city’s hidden nooks and crannies. Yama holds the undisputed championship title in this illicit sport, except when Hiro Hamada decides to step into the ring.

Hiro Hamada, the film’s central character, is a brilliant young inventor and a formidable bot-fighter. This leads to a swift and intense rivalry between Hiro and Yama. Their ongoing clash climaxes in a spectacular showdown, resulting in Hiro’s triumph. Following this pivotal defeat, Yama finds himself in the custody of the San Fransokyo Police Department, where his future likely involves incarceration.

9. Yama of “Gargoyles”

Yama is a minor character in Gargoyles by Disney. He is a gargoyle Clan Ishimura and the Redemption Squad member. His voice actor is Bruce Locke.

Yama lived in harmony among the gargoyles and humans of Ishimura, Japan. In 1996, he betrayed the clan by all Disney characters himself with Taro, a former student of Kai’s who claimed to be constructing a theme park about gargoyles to teach Bushido to the world’s children. Yama, therefore, conspired with Taro to relocate the clan from Ishimura to the theme park.

Clan Ishimura met the Avalon visitors after this strategy began to manifest. During the day, Goliath, Angela, Bronx, Yama, and ugly Disney characters, the remaining gargoyles of Clan Ishimura, were taken to the gargoyle-themed amusement park. Taro told Kai the same story he’d told Yama, but despite Yama’s protests, Kai ultimately decided not to retain the clan there. Taro responded by shooting a tranquilizer projectile at Kai.

10. Yan Lin of “W.I.T.C.H.”

Yan Lin is a powerful woman who has devoted her entire existence to serving the Guardians of the Veil. She was the one who safeguarded the Heart of Kandrakar until it could be passed on to the following generation. Even though she is no longer a Guardian, she greatly assists the Guardians and the Council of Kandrakar. She owns the iconic restaurant Silver Dragon in Kandrakar, where her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, Hay Lin, are employed. In contrast to the comic book version, Yan Lin survived the Guardians’ acquisition of their powers. She remains an active and vital community member, always willing to lend a hand when necessary.

The Silver Dragon is a prominent restaurant in Kandrakar owned by Hay Lin’s grandmother and former Guardian of the Veil member Yan Lin. Yan Lin is a powerful woman who has devoted her entire existence to serving the Guardians of the Veil. She was the one who safeguarded the Heart of Kandrakar until it could be passed on to the following generation. Even though she is no longer a Guardian, she continues to assist significantly the Guardians and the Council of Kandrakar. In contrast to the comic book version, Yan Lin survived the Guardians’ acquisition of their powers. She remains an active and vital community member, always willing to lend a hand when necessary.


Q: What Disney Characters Begin with the Initial Y?

Ans: Common names include Yao, Yax, Yesss, and Yzma.

Q: What number of Disney Characters Begin with Y?

Ans: This list includes eleven iconic Disney characters, both major and minor, from the official Disney and Pixar animated canon.

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