Best 12 Disney Characters That Start With X

The best Disney Characters That Start With X genuinely capture our hearts and minds. Even though they are Disney villains who begin with an X, they are adorable. These are some of the finest Disney characters of all time, from Xander McCormick to Xandra. Use this list to find the names of obscure characters you adore or to discover new Disney characters in recently released films. Their names must start with the letter X to be on this list, which goes without saying. But which Disney character deserves to be first? With your votes, you can influence the outcome.

Vote up your favorite Disney characters and down any you don’t like on this list. Once Disney adds them to its pantheon of characters, check back as more Disney characters that start with the letter X are added to the list.

Best 12 Disney Characters That Start With X:

1. Xandra from the Legend of the Three Caballeros

The Xandra is a crucial character in the 2018 animated series Legend of the Three Caballeros, based on the 1944 film The Three Caballeros. Xandra guides Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and José Carioca on their excursions worldwide. Also check Best 23 Disney Characters That Start With O

2. Kingdom Hearts’ Xehanort

The main character, Xehanort, is the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts video game series Dark Seeker Saga. He has been responsible for tremendous destruction worldwide and is personally accountable for the tragedy of those who have crossed his path. Also check Top 14 Best Disney Characters That Start With D.

3. Xander McCormick

Xander McCormick is a Disney character with the letter X who stars in the Disney Channel series BUNK’D (a spin-off of Jessie). Emma’s boyfriend and a camp counselor at Camp Kikiwaka is Xander.

4. Kingdom Hearts Xemnas

Xemnas is a Disney figure with the letter X who appears in the Kingdom Hearts video game series among many other well-known characters, including Mickey Mouse. Xemnas is the antagonistic Organisation XIIIn’s initial leader and an unbearably powerful Nobody who rules over all other Nobodies. Also check Best 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y.

5. Boom Studios’ comic book character Xerek

Xerek was almost a well-known Disney character beginning with the letter X. He is a villain who was supposed to be the primary enemy in The Incredibles, but Syndrome eventually took his position. Xerek becomes the villain of the ongoing tale in the Boom! Studios comic book series.

6. Kingdom Hearts Xion

Xion is a character from the Kingdom Hearts video game series set in an original imaginary realm that combines different Disney concepts. Instead of being a Nobody, Xion is a flawed Replica of Sora built from his memories.

7. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (TV series) XL

In the Disney/Pixar animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, XL is a villain. XL is a faulty prototype of XR (see below) rendered inactive due to his harmful programming. After being reactivated by Zurg, XL seeks vengeance on Star Command.

8. Star Command (TV series) XR from Buzz Lightyear

In the Disney/Pixar animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, XR is the robotic Space Ranger. Although his name means “experimental ranger,” he is a Disney character whose name starts with X.

9. Xerxes (Aladdin)

In the Aladdin TV series, Xerxes is a floating eel-like monster who serves as Mozenrath’s familiar. Xerxes talks in bad English and is always faithful to his terrible boss, yet he frequently says incorrectly and suffers the consequences.

10. Shang Chie’s Xu Xialing and the Legend of the Ten Rings

We identified a Disney character with the first letter X for both of their names: Xu Xialing. She appears as a character in the Cinematic Universe film released in 2021. Xu is Shang-Chi’s sister and the current leader of the Ten Rings.

11. Lilo & Stitch: The Series’ X-Buggy

X-Buggy is a red dune buggy that has been upgraded and appears in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. Lilo and Stitch name the car ‘X-Buggy’ and use it to move around on their excursions and in their experiment hunting.

12. Doc McStuffins’ Xyla

In Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, Xyla is Alma’s ladybug-shaped xylophone. She is one of the lesser-known Disney characters whose names start with the letter X. Doc replaced one of Xyla’s keys after it slipped free and dropped into the sink.

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