15 Best Disney Characters that Start with R

Disney Characters That Start With R: Thousands of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel characters to choose from. You can meet Rapunzel and take the Tangled performance while dining on a Disney cruise, depending on your chosen Disney ship. But are there any other Disney Characters that Start with R? Sure, of course! There are a lot of them.

Can you name some of Disney’s most well-known characters that start with the letter R?

Rapunzel, Ralph Raya or Remy/ Riley & Robin Hood & Russell & Rafiki the Pride Lands, and Roo/Rabbit of the Hundred Acre Woods are some Disney Characters that Start with R.

15 Best Disney Characters that Start with R:

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1. Rafiki from The Lion King

Rafiki is a mandrill who works in the Pride Lands as a shaman and Royal Mjuzi. He is a spiritual sage with a strong affinity for the magical elements. He is brilliant, yet oddly shares his wisdom and employs unconventional tactics, often making him appear weird. Also, check Best 10 Disney Characters That Start with Y.

2. Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh’s Many Adventures)

Rabbit is a finicky creature who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and is a beloved member of Pooh’s circle of pals. He is a tall, slim domestic rabbit with yellow fur and heavy black brows. He is most likely the most complex character in the novel, with many positive and negative aspects. Also check Best 11 Disney Characters That Starts With T.

3. Aladdin (Rajah)

Rajah is Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger, a devoted and protective companion who is never far from her side. He is her best friend, loves her profoundly, and would never harm her, yet he has no qualms about displaying his hostility and intolerance towards others.

4. Cars’ Ramone

Ramone is Flo’s spouse and owns Ramone’s House of Body Art, a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. He is a Lightning McQueen pit crew member and paints each automobile that enters his salon. He looks fantastic and is the most excellent car in Radiator Springs, frequently seen motoring around with his long-time wife, Flo.

5. Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc.

Randall is one of Monsters Inc.’s key adversaries, an intelligent and sly creature with a plot to alter the frightening industry by snatching human children. He was once a shy adolescent who grew into a greedy, competitive, short-tempered monster.

6. Rancis Fluggerbutter (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Rancis is a Sugar Rush character, and his signature kart is Kit-Kart. The Rancis is a little child with freckles on his face, rosy skin, and brilliant blue eyes. He is portrayed as vain and as winning the race.

7. Rapunzel (Tangled)

Rapunzel is the princess of the country of Corona, who was taken away as a baby by an evil witch. He is well-known for her long, blonde, magical hair with healing properties. She is a lovely 18-year-old with pale skin, pink cheeks, and big green eyes.

She is incredibly loving and good-natured, and she dreams of traveling the world, displaying her bravery by leaving the tower she has lived in her entire life.

8. Ratigan (The Great Mouse Investigator)

The Antagonist in this 1986 Disney animated film is Professor Ratigan. He is a sophisticated crime lord and Basil of Baker Street’s main adversary. He is fascinated with his status as a mouse, but his true identity is revealed when he is referred to as a rat. Ratigan is calculated and cool, but he is also ruthless and violent.

9. Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Raya is the princess of Kumandra’s Heart Land and the daughter of Chief Benja. She was appointed the Dragon Gem’s protector as a young girl. Raya is an 18-year-old South Asian girl with tanned skin who is thin and slightly muscular. She is knowledgeable and mature for her age, stubborn and persistent, capable and adaptive to her surroundings.

10. Ray (“The Princess and the Frog”).

Ray is a romantic Cajun from New Orleans who assists Tiana and Pince Naveen in their search for the voodoo priestess Mama Odie, who can remove their curse. He is also a matchmaker, trying to persuade the two that they are meant to be together. He is pleasant and helpful, and he has a huge heart.

11. Aladdin (Razoul)

Razoul is the captain of the Agrabah Guard and one of Aladdin’s enemies. He despises delinquents and has long been Aladdin’s adversary. Razoul takes his job seriously and has no sympathy for lawbreakers or other criminals. He is fiercely loyal to the Sultan and Jasmine and adores them.

12. Remy (Ratatouille)

Remy, popularly known as The Little Chef, has a strong interest in food, enjoys cooking, and aspires to be a personal chef. He is a bluish-grey rat with a keen sense of smell who can identify all of the ingredients in a dish, even the most complex ones.

13. The Incredibles’ Rick Decker

Rick was a former NSA government agent tasked with cleaning up any Super mishaps. He is currently the director of the Super Relocation Programme, where he assists superheroes in adjusting to everyday life. Rick is a caring person, even though he rarely shows emotion.

14. Toy Story’s Rex

The Rex is a green plastic dinosaur portrayed as fearsome, but in reality, he is peaceful, compassionate, and despises all forms of strife. He tends to become oblivious and absent-minded, which can result in unintentional mayhem. He is anxious and afraid of being abandoned or replaced.

15. Bolt (Rhino)

The Rhino is a hamster and Bolt’s biggest fan, having memorized every episode of his canine’s television show. He is not particularly brilliant, but he is amusing, and he has had a few outstanding moments when assisting Bolt and Mittens in their attempts.


Q: Which Disney characters have names that start with the letter R?

Ans: Rabbit, Rapunzel, Raya, and Robin Hood are familiar names. Rusty appears in two films and is the most common Disney character name to start with R.

Q: How many Disney characters start with the letter R?

Ans: This list includes 15 famous Disney characters and significant and minor characters from the Disney and Pixar animated canon.

Q: Fun Facts About the Letter R?

Ans: There are two Disney Princesses (Rapunzel and Raya), two Disney Heroes (Ralph and Robin Hood), and no less than five Disney Villains on this list.

Final Thought:

Discover beloved Disney Characters That Start With R in this comprehensive alphabetical list. From Rapunzel to Remy and many more, explore the iconic characters from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel whose names begin with the letter R. This list features 15 of the best characters, including their descriptions and fun facts. Dive into the enchanting world of Disney and meet these timeless characters appreciated by both children and adults.

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