The 19 Best Disney Characters That Start With G

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a complete list of Disney Characters That Start With G. We’ve got you covered, from Gaston to Goofy. Without further ado, all the Disney Characters That Start With G are listed alphabetically. For good reason: Disney characters are among the most beloved in the world. They’re charming and lovable and frequently teach essential life lessons.

Gaston is one of Disney’s favorite villains. He’s pompous, narcissistic, and hell-bent on marrying Belle, even if it means turning to violence. Gaston is an excellent example of how not to treat others, and he reminds us that appearances don’t matter.

Goofy is one of Disney’s most lovable and readily apparent characters. He’s clumsy, funny, and always up for a good laugh. Goofy is an excellent example of maintaining a cheerful attitude despite difficult circumstances.

The 19 Best Disney Characters That Start With G:

These are just a few of the many fantastic Disney Characters That Start With G in their names. So, the next time you’re looking for some Disney magic, check out some great characters.

1. Gaetan Moliere (Atlantis)

He is an essential cog in the mission to uncover Atlantis because he is the supervisor of excavations and also has handy skills thanks to his mineralogy background.

His ability to discern different soils distinguishes him from others with similar skill sets. He is susceptible to light as part of his subterranean habits and only appears to eat food that originates from the ground, particularly if it has roots or burrows. Also, check Best 23 Disney Characters That Start With O.

2. Gamma (Right)

They’re key supporting characters who are part of the pairing with Beta and commanded by Alpha. Gamma is a bulldog who can communicate and be understood by wearing a unique collar.

After meeting Carl Fredricksen, a massive fan of their Master Charles Muntz, Gamma displays his flying abilities by piloting a biplane. He does, however, have the typical dog flaws, such as being distracted by squirrels. Also, check Best 15 Disney Characters That Start With W.

3. Gabby Gabby (Toy Story 4)

She is a vintage doll from Second Chance Antiques that wishes to be owned by Honey, but because of flaws in her pull-string voice, no one has ever wanted her. Gabby, more of an anti-hero than a villain, accepts a chance to change (much like Sid), finally being adopted by a different girl. Also check Top 16 Most Popular Disney Characters That Start With S.

4. Gantu (Lilo and Stitch)

Gantu, the original antagonist, holds the rank of captain and is a strong alien with a passing resemblance to a shark. He is nearly 20 feet tall and seeks to pass himself off as a Samoan, earning him the nickname ‘Big Dummy’ from Lilo.

As a member of the Galactic Armada, he follows the chain of command and strives to carry out his orders to the letter, but his jealousy and greed get in the way.

5. Gaston LeGume from “Beauty and the Beast”

A hunter destined to marry Belle, his determination turns to rage when he realizes Belle has fallen for the Beast. Gaston, a French nobleman and town hero, is a Disney construct created primarily to provide a more excellent villain or antagonist in the production. Gaston, who is physically attractive but has an overbearing, unpleasant demeanor, was designed to be an ugly counterpart of Prince Charming.

6. Gazelle (from Zootopia)

In the Zootopia universe, she is a predator rights activist and famous singer who believes in equality, justice, and acceptance for all animals. She is a model for Preyda and is frequently seen in Vanity Fur with her entourage, composed of predators such as tigers. She is only sometimes successful in smoothing over relationships. However, after hearing Bellwether’s recorded confession to the ZPD, she resolves to arrange a concert to restore harmony to Zootopia.

7. Gene (from Wreck-it Ralph)

The Nicelanders’ short, square commander admires Felix and despises Ralph, who passes through and ruins everything. He is pleasant but best known for his outstanding party-organizing skills, and he becomes hostile whenever he has any connection to Ralph.

8. Georgette (Oliver & Company)

She is a prize-winning pedigree poodle who is hostile to Oliver, not just because he is a cat. She is owned and spoiled by the Foxworth family but has a significant personality change following her kidnapping. Georgette complains about everything, even when she needs to knuckle down because she cannot see the truth even in dire situations.

9. Gepetto (Pinocchio)

The Blue Fairy grants the woodcarver who created Pinocchio his wish for a son. Gepetto, who lives with his cat Figaro and goldfish Cleo, spends most of his life selflessly assisting people and is well-liked. Gepetto appears unharmed by the unexpected arrival of a sentient puppet and assists Pinocchio in preparation for life in the human world, such as preparing him for school.

10. Gerald (from Finding Dory)

His bushy brows and green bucket make him one of Finding Dory’s favorite characters. Despite their want to be friendly with Fluke and Rudder, they do not want him on their rock and frequently bark at him. When Fluke and Rudder fall asleep, he eventually makes it to the rock.

11. Gerda (from Frozen)

She controls the palace home and performs everything Gerda asks as a servant for Arendelle’s royal family. She also plays an integral part in assisting Elsa once she becomes Queen of Arendelle and Olaf, Hans, and Kristoff.

12. Gideon (Pinocchio)

Gideon, a silent cat dressed in a raggedy yellow overcoat and purple undershirt, is Honest John’s sidekick but spends much of his time drunk and useless. They come across Pinocchio and instantly try to trick and con him, with little regard for their victims. Gideon plays the pantomime sidekick, similar to Dopey in Snow White.

13. Aladdin’s Genie

The Genie, a traditional Djinn, can cast several strong spells, including granting wishes and executing shape-shifting feats, and is not constrained by ordinary space and temporal limits.

On the other hand, the Genie is severely limited by the fact that he must remain contained in a vessel and obey his Master’s directions, limiting the number of times he can fully demonstrate his magical skills. Genie is also not afraid to show off his comedic skills, serving as comic relief throughout the film.

14. Gideon Grey (Zootopia)

Gideon, who used to bully Judy, is put in his place by the aspiring cop Judy with a sharp kick. However, this teenage indiscretion seems to fade, and Gideon returns to the Hopps family farm years later, revealing that he has become a successful pastry chef.

Gideon expresses regret and apologizes to Judy, who accepts his apology. Gideon then mentions the Night Howlers, which is crucial to understanding the bizarre events in Zootopia.

15. Giggle McDimples (Toy Story 4)

A plastic figurine who is the Pet Patrol’s chief of search and rescue; when she is around the other toys, she is Bo Peep’s companion and confidante. Giggle makes multiple appearances and visits Second Chances Antiques as part of the original mission to find and save Forky.

16. Gilbert Huph (The Incredibles)

Bob Parr’s boss at Insuricare is a typical bureaucrat who refuses to bend the rules and insists that the laws be obeyed. Bob soon loses his cool with suburban life and vents his rage on himself by hurling him through numerous office walls. Like any good insurance CEO, he doesn’t want anyone to discover flaws.

17. Giulia Marcovaldo (Luca)

She becomes friends with Luca and Alberto and seeks to help them win the Portorosso Cup from the local village bully. Her fondness for pasta earned her the nickname Spewlia after she puked up her lunch during the previous year’s marathon.

18. Go, Go, Tomago (Big Hero 6)

She is a member of Big Hero 6 and Honey Lemon’s roommate. Tomago is an adrenaline junkie with a strong background in industrial design. She is known for riding her bike at unthinkable speeds, but she also has a softer side that involves contemplation in the forest. She is a stoic woman with few words but has brilliant ideas that propel her projects forward.

19. Gill (from Finding Nemo)

He is the intelligent leader of the Tank Gang in Philip Sherman’s dental office, but he is not thrilled about being transferred from the ocean to be in a fish tank. He is a Moorish idolfish with a striking appearance.

Several attempted escape attempts, not to mention the physical injuries from landing on Philip’s dentist instruments, dampened this energy even more. Gill concurs with Nemo’s position and attempts to save him from Darla despite his selfish desire to flee, putting Nemo in peril.


The most well-known Disney characters are Gaston, Genie, and Goofy, even though many Disney Characters Start With G. Gaston is Beauty and the Beast’s gorgeous but haughty villain. Genie is Aladdin’s terrific Genie. Goofy is a lovable yet clumsy character that appears in several Disney films. In their way, each of these characters is distinct and unforgettable.

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