Top 12 Disney Characters That Start With E

There are thousands of Disney characters, especially when Disney Pixar and Marvel characters are included. On a Disney cruise, you’ll get to meet the main ones, such as Mickey Mouse, Woody, Buzz, and a slew of Disney Princesses. But what about Disney Characters That Start With E? Elsa from Frozen is undoubtedly the first character to spring to mind.

Top 12 Disney Characters That Start With E:

Is there anything else? Let us take a look at Disney Characters That Start With E…

1. Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric is the next in our series of Disney characters, beginning with the letter E. Prince Eric, the prominent hero of The Little Mermaid, lives a luxurious life on land if only he had someone to share it with.

When this Disney character meets the unknown Ariel, his life is forever changed as he battles speechlessness and enormous sea witches to win her affection—a traditional Disney princess film. Also, check Disney Characters That Start With O.

2. Esmeralda (from the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

The lovely Disney character is a gypsy who won the hearts of Quasimodo, Captain Phoebus, and the wicked Frollo, propelling her to the top of our list of Disney characters beginning with the letter E. This black-haired beauty expresses her opinion and helps her people, who are poor and overlooked in the film. Esmeralda is one of a kind, collaborating with the attractive Phoebus and inspiring Quasimodo to be brave. Also, check Best 16 Disney Character Names Starting With V.

3. Ed (The Lion King)

Ed, the comedic relief in a trio of hyenas, is another iconic Disney character beginning with the letter E. He appears as a sidekick villain to Scar in The Lion King. Despite being a nasty person, Ed can’t help but be endearing with his odd facial expressions and incoherent blabberings that only his companions Shenzi and Banzai understand. Also check Best 15 Disney Characters That Start With W

4. The Incredibles’ Elastigirl

Elastigirl, Helen Parr’s superhero moniker, is an undeniable addition to our collection of Disney characters beginning with the letter E. Elastigirl can twist and contort herself into all kinds of shapes in the action-packed blockbuster The Incredibles. Still, she’s also a mother of three and the wife of Mr. Incredible! This woman can do anything, even rescuing the day and preparing dinner. She is unquestionably a fantastic Disney character. Also check The 19 Best Disney Characters That Start With G.

5. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Of course, while discussing the Incredibles, we must remember the classic Disney character Edna Mode. Edna is another Disney character whose name begins with the letter E. The creator of custom-made superhero clothes for people of all shapes and sizes who frequently use the word ‘dahling.’

6. Edward (Enchanted)

Prince Edward wins the fair heart of the maiden Giselle in the realm of Andalusia (is she an official Disney princess?). In Disney’s Enchanted, he surely wins more hearts when he journeys to the not-so-enchanted land of New York City.

Although Edward is not the only prince on our list of Disney characters beginning with E, he may be the only one to have his hair flawlessly coiffed throughout his entire film (sorry, Eric!).

7. Emile from Ratatouille

Emile – Disney Characters Starting with E: Who knew a rat could be so endearing? Emile, on the other hand, very assuredly is, and he is our next Disney character, commencing with the letter E. In the film Ratatouille, Emile is Remy’s considerably larger older brother who gives plenty of comic relief and a feeling everyone can connect to – the one who loves food.

8. Winnie the Pooh’s Eeyore

The adorable donkey with the pop-off tail that reluctantly joins Winnie the Pooh on all of his escapades deserves to be included on the list of Disney characters beginning with E. Even though he frequently only has depressing input, Eeyore is a much-loved Disney creature from Christopher Robin’s imagination, and you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy when he does smile on the odd occasion.

9. Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)

Ernesto de la Cruz, a well-known Mexican singer, is Miguel’s role model in Coco. This dashing ladies’ man is another Disney character whose name begins with E, who isn’t quite the good guy you’d expect. Instead of being Miguel’s musical great-grandfather, he turns out to be the one who murdered Miguel’s ancestor and stole his tunes.

10. Elsa from the film “Frozen”

Why include a Disney princess when you can consist of a queen? With her extraordinary ice powers and even more spectacular power ballads, Elsa of Arendelle from the princess characters. She was an essential element of the Disney character roster, beginning with E. Ezoic.

11. Elinor (Brave)

Elinor from Brave is another notable queen whose name begins with the letter E. Elinor, Merida’s mother, and, it turns out, her biggest supporter is transformed into a bear by a cunning witch. The relationship between mother and daughter develops deeper as they learn to accept each other and build friendships.

12. Elizabeth Swan (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Of course, this governor’s daughter turned swashbuckling pirate deserves to be included on our list of Disney characters beginning with the letter E. When pirates mistake Elizabeth Swan for someone else, she finds herself on a never-ending journey. Elizabeth discovers what she’s made of and who loves her in a funny dance of continuous betrayals.

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